Create an attractive, job-winning resume using one of our completely free resume templates. You can download and customize them in Microsoft Word or Pages, and save them as a PDF. Recruiters and HR professionals will love these clean and beautiful designs. Watch our video below to see how to customize them.

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✓  government,  healthcare, schools, universities

✓  financial institutions, accounting or insurance companies, investment groups

✓  corporations, agencies, start-ups

✓  hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes

Professional Resume Templates

Download our contemporary resume templates absolutely for free. Our career experts have created them for job seekers searching for a classy design. Whether you are a beginner, high school, or college student applying for your first job, or are a resume veteran, you will find your match here. Check out all of our professional CV layouts to kickstart your job application today!

Professional Resume Template
Resume Template
Professional Resume Template
Professional Resume Template

Simple Resume Templates

A simple or basic resume uses a format that has very limited visual elements and a very clear, concise structure. It has a minimalistic, classy and formal design. A simple resume may have one or two pages depending on your work history. Check out all our simple layouts.

Simple Resume Template
Simple Resume Template
Simple Resume Template Gold
Simple Resume Template Coral



  • 1-, 2- and 3-page resume versions in Microsoft Word
  • Matching cover letter
  • Ability to request additional pages
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“How to Write a Job-Winning Resume”

Modern Resume Templates

Want to use our template for a resume? All our resumes have an attractive, sleek and clean design. They were created to meet the need of job seekers in 2021. Check out all our creative, modern layouts.


Modern Resume Template
Modern Resume Template
Modern Resume Template
Modern Resume Template

Premium Resume Templates

Upgrade your resume using one of our free premium templates. You are sure to impress with this outstanding design.


Check out our Premium Packs and take your job application to the next level!



2- and 3-Page Resume + Matching Cover Letter

  1-, 2- and 3-page resume versions in Word format 

  Matching cover letter

  Additional icons (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter)

  Job application tracker

  Email support

Resume Templates with Photo

Download our free resume templates with a picture and customize them in Microsoft Word or Pages. Fill in all the blanks with your information. Recruiters will love their sleek and clean layout.

Simple Resume with Photo
Simple Resume with Photo
Simple Resume with Photo
Simple Resume with Photo

Editable CV Templates – Free Download

Wondering how to make a resume for a job? No matter whether you’re looking fora student, nursing, or an executive resume templateyou can find a great one at We Mean Career. Use our beautiful, editable templates to build your perfect resume with ease.

Editable Resume
Editable Resume
Editable Resume
Editable Resume


Get inspired by our sample resumes and save the headache of starting from scratch.


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   Food Service


   Information Technology



   Marketing & Sales

   Spa & Salon


Creative Resume Templates

Looking for a stress-free way to create a resume? Our templates are the only ones you need to be successful and showcase your creativity.


Attractive Resume Templates – Free Download

Check out our editable resume templates. Customize them in Microsoft Word or Pages within minutes.

Basic Resume Templates 

Craft your own basic resume in just 15 minutes. Impress recruiters and employers. Save time and get more interviews.


Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide on how to personalize our templates.

Do resume templates work? 

Yes, they do. Resume templates are an extremely effective way of creating a basic resume that shows off your skills and experience. A template can be tailored for different jobs, can save you time, and helps you ensure you look professional to potential employers. Another key benefit of using a template is that it makes it much easier to prioritize and remember to include essential information. Basically, for most professions, resume templates are very professional-looking and a super-easy way to apply for more jobs in a shorter time.

Who can check my resume? 

Before sending out your resume, it’s important to check it for any spelling or grammar mistakes and to make sure it’s well-written and easy to understand. If writing isn’t your strong point or English is not your native language, you might decide to get someone else to check your resume for you. You might have a friend or family member you trust to check your resume. If so, you can ask them to do this. If not, you can hire a professional freelance editor or proofreader on a freelancing platform like Upwork or Fiverr. If you decide to proofread your resume yourself, always make sure you check it thoroughly for any errors. For great tips on checking your own resume, take a look at our guide here

How long should my resume be? Can a resume be two pages? 

Your basic resume should be a comprehensive career summary, similar to your LinkedIn profile. For some professions, this may be up to 3 or 4 pages. However, if you’re sharing your resume, we recommend limiting it to a maximum of 1 or 2 pages. As a rule, if your career is ten years or less in length, this should be presented on a single page. This means you may need to tailor it before submitting it to reduce the length – sometimes significantly. If you need a 2-page resume, check out our premium packages

Should my resume be word or pdf? 

Most of the time, you are better off sending your resume in PDF format as, unlike word, doing this will preserve the format. But, it’s important to be aware that some recruiters use ATS – applicant tracking system – and this sometimes cannot scan PDF files. It’s up to you to decide which option you think is best overall. 

Should my resume include a photo? 

Using a headshot on your resume can help it to stand out to recruiters. But, when deciding whether it’s appropriate to use one or not depends on a number of factors. For example, one benefit of adding a photo is that it humanizes you and this is appealing to many hiring managers as many are drawn to images. Plus, in Europe, Japan, and China, adding a photo is more common, so it’s something you should consider if you’re applying for jobs in these regions. However, in the US, photos are not a part of the standard resume format, so you can risk looking unprofessional. Also, it takes up more space on the page, which can be a problem if you have a lot of text to fit in. If you do decide to use a photo on your resume, check out this article for more tips on how to do this in a professional manner. 

Should my resume be in chronological order? 

It depends. Using a chronological order for your resume is the best option if you want to show your career growth, or if you think the recruiter will be impressed by your most recent employer or position. However, this type of resume doesn’t work as well if you have large gaps in your work history, if you have taken a long career break, or if you have changed jobs often. If this is the case, a skills-based resume is usually a better choice. This will show off your transferable skills and is perfect for graduates or those with limited work experience. Alternatively, you can use a combined resume, which shows off specific skills rather than positions held. This works well if you’re making a career change, but, again, it should be avoided if you have large gaps in employment.