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What are the benefits of a cover letter template 

Getting your cover letter right is so important. First impressions count, and it might be the first thing the employer sees. If you’re not sure what to write, using a cover letter template can simplify the process. 

Using a great template ensures you don’t miss any key information, you avoid making mistakes or adding irrelevant details, and it saves you from having to rewrite a letter each time you apply for a job. Our customizable, professional designs create the right impression. 


Should my resume and cover letter template match? 

Your cover letter and resume don’t necessarily need to be an exact match. However, having consistency between all your documents will help you take your application to the next level. If you can, try and match the fonts and formatting across all your documents. It’s also highly important to make sure all the information is the same. If you want to achieve a polished, professional first impression, check out our Premium Packages. These contain a 2-page resume and a matching cover letter and only cost $11.99. 


How should I write a cover letter for a job? 

A cover letter is a great way to show the employer your skills, values, and experiences quickly. It should always include your basic info, availability, and contact details. The letter should start with an introduction, a bit about you, and why you want to work for the company. Then, talk about your relevant experience, qualifications, and why you’re the perfect candidate for the job. This should be followed by a brief conclusion to sum up and clarify everything. If you’re looking for more help writing a cover letter, our article, How to Write a Cover Letter, provides detailed instructions, plus loads of helpful tips and advice.


What are the types of cover letters 

There are different types of cover letters, and choosing an appropriate one is key. Employers can tell when you use a generic letter, so it needs to be right for the situation. When you’re applying for a specific job opening, you should choose an application letter, along with your resume. Or, you can use a referral cover letter that mentions someone that’s referred you to the job. 

Alternatively, if you’re making a general inquiry, you should go for a networking letter or letter of interest. This should focus more on why you want to work for the company and inquire about possible job openings and opportunities. 


Do I really need a cover letter? 

Although cover letters are less important now, you still need to have one ready as it may be requested by the employer. In addition, there are some situations where it’s beneficial to add a cover letter to your resume.

For example, if you’re applying for a job that requires strong writing skills. You can also use it to provide the employer with an additional explanation, like when you’re making a big career change or have had a long break in your employment. For more information on when you should use a cover letter, check out our article, Do I Need a Cover Letter?


How long is a cover letter? 

The length of a cover letter will vary, but we recommend having a maximum of 400 words. It should be somewhere between half a page and a full page of text. Your cover letter should be clear and concise and showcase your top skills and qualifications. To get the best results, filter out the most relevant information, and then divide this into 3 or 4 short, high-value paragraphs.