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Have you lost interest in your current career or is your company downsizing? Have you found something that interests you a lot more than your current role? Often people find themselves in a situation where the career needs to be changed so here are essential steps you should consider before moving forward.

  1. Decide if you really need a career change
  2. Do some research about the skills and knowledge you have and see what careers other people with those same tools have built
  3. Use career tests to find out what professions fit your personality
  4. Make a list of occupations to explore
  5. Explore the occupations on your list
  6. Narrow down your list
  7. Conduct informational interviews
  8. Set your goals
  9. Write a career action plan
  10. Train for your new career
  11. Quit your current job
  12. Read the book ‘Take the Leap: Change Your Career, Change Your Life‘ by Sara Bliss




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