Your LinkedIn profile is a way of improving your personal branding but many people forget to keep it updated. Your profile is the first impression you make on people so you have to make sure that it is polished. Check out these ways to boost your LinkedIn and make great first impression.

  1. Complete all sections, including education, certifications, interests, and languages
  2. Complete your profile 100%
  3. Include volunteer experience
  4. Delete irrelevant information
  5. Update your information regularly
  6. Mind your profile picture and background picture
  7. Write a snappy headline and summary
  8. Include workplace information
  9. Insert relevant skills and prioritize them
  10. Customize Your URL
  11. Get recommendations
  12. Get endorsements
  13. Make the most of your tagline
  14. Add contact information
  15. Adjust your public profile settings
  16. Create achievement-driven summary and experience sections
  17. Use keywords
  18. Showcase your work
  19. Embed media elements
  20. Decide to include personal details or not
  21. Align your profile data to your resume information
  22. Get more connections
  23. Join up to 100 LinkedIn groups
  24. Like and comment on other people’s status updates
  25. Share articles that will help others
  26. Don’t sound desperate
  27. Write in a clear and concise way
  28. Proofread vigilantly
  29. Publish articles

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Create an amazing LinkedIn profile

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