impress your boss

Are you looking to stand out? Maybe you’re hoping for a raise, or even a promotion? Have you just started in a new position and want to create a positive reputation? All of these situations would require you to impress your boss. We can help you with that! No matter why you are hoping to impress your employer, we have the perfect list of fool-proof ways to make sure you catch their eye.

By following all 20 of our suggestions, you will stand out among your peers and be competitive for any promotion or project you could ever wish for. Here are 20 ways to impress your boss in no particular order: 


  1. Dress to impress in suitable business attire
  2. Arrive at work early
  3. Show positive body language
  4. Do what you’ll say you’ll do
  5. Meet or beat your deadlines
  6. Take the initiative in business meetings
  7. Keep your work schedule organized
  8. Be proactive and help your work colleagues
  9. Ask if there’s anything more you can do
  10. Work consistently throughout the day
  11. Be positive
  12. Be honest
  13. Learn new skills
  14. Keep up with the industry
  15. Volunteer for high-profile assignments
  16. Ask for feedback and learn to take criticism
  17. Get to know your boss on a personal level
  18. Keep your phone in your pocket
  19. Share your goals & accomplishments
  20. Use your computer like a pro


By reading this article you have shown initiative in improving your career. You are now armed with 20 ways to make a lasting positive impression with your superiors in the office. By following the tips we listed above, your boss is sure to notice you and the amazing value you bring to their team or company. They will think of you when they want a reliable and talented member to complete a project, and your compensation will likely reflect this.

Now go out there and get that promotion! 

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