Wondering how to dress for work? Select business attire depending on the setting. From casual to business formal, you should dress for the office or occasion you’re attending. Read our tips on how to dress appropriately for work.

  1. Understand what’s appropriate in your industry
  2. Pay attention to the way people dress in your office
  3. Dress for the job you want
  4. Your look should change depending on the business circumstances
  5. The more you deal with a client’s money, the more conservative you should be dressed
  6. Your clothes should always be neat and clean
  7. Make sure your clothes fit
  8. Wear rich colors to portray authority and neutral colors to look elegant and classy
  9. Avoid neon colors and overly flashy clothes
  10. Pay attention to your bag
  11. Wear well-kept, polished shoes
  12. Avoid heels that are four inches or higher
  13. Don’t be too sexy or show too much skin
  14. Wear elegant glasses if needed
  15. Choose an elegant watch
  16. Dry and style your hair
  17. Don’t wear strong perfume or cologne
  18. Get regular manicures and pedicures
  19. Don’t over-accessorise; your jewelry shouldn’t make noise 

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