Whether you’ve just started a new job or have been working for years for the same company, it’s crucial for your success to be respected in the workplace. When you’re respected, you can be confident in your abilities and free to express your opinion. It also helps you stand out from the crowd, which is also critical for your career development.

Respect from your boss and coworkers also plays a serious role when it comes to promotions, big assignments or salary increases.

To gain respect, it’s not enough to be experienced or have valuable knowledge and skills – very often, you need more. 

Here are a few thoughts and ideas on how to do it: Treat work responsibly, finish tasks on time, learn new skills, show up as scheduled, dress professionally and become a stellar public speaker. Read our article to discover all the other ways to get and keep respect in the workplace. 


  1. Work hard and demonstrate responsibility
  2. Earn respect by being good at your job
  3. Cultivate a professional appearance
  4. Become a stellar public speaker
  5. Display self-confidence
  6. Be a good team player
  7. Maintain your privacy
  8. Follow the rules
  9. Be neat and organized
  10. Always be professional, even at office parties
  11. Apologize and admit mistakes
  12. Take criticism and learn from it
  13. Stand up for yourself
  14. Don’t complain to your coworkers. They won’t trust you because they’ll assume you complain about them, too.
  15. Be prepared for meetings
  16. Be professional in group work activities
  17. Help others succeed
  18. Make friends with the right people
  19. Ask people “how are you?”
  20. Remember things about people
  21. Do small nice things for people
  22. Avoid the gossip mill
  23. Have patience with others
  24. Respect co-workers even if you don’t like them
  25. Share knowledge with co-workers
  26. Discourage disrespectful behavior at work
  27. Stay informed about what is happening within the company

Follow all these tips, and you’ll surely gain respect at work and advance your career.

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