Career Advancement

Looking for career advancement tips? There are many factors that contribute to your career development. Those factors have nothing to do with how well you’re doing in your current gig. Read our 33 tips on how to kick things off. Some of them are actionable, and others will take some time and reflection, but they’ll all help you advance your career and land your dream job.

  1. Commit yourself to advance your career
  2. Create your career development plan
  3. Dare to ask for what you want
  4. Make your boss look great
  5. Build and expand your network
  6. Give time, attention, and more to your network
  7. Expand your skill set
  8. Embrace new challenges at work
  9. Seek out a mentor
  10. Join a professional organization
  11. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have
  12. Get more confident
  13. Ask what to do to get a promotion
  14. Work on goals that matter
  15. Maintain focus on results rather than time
  16. Develop conflict management skills
  17. Build powerful negotiation skills
  18. Be curious about your industry
  19. Ask for explicit feedback
  20. Read books about your profession, industry and skills you want to improve
  21. Improve your communication skills
  22. Dare to take the risk
  23. Be someone who people want to work with
  24. Be the best and always try to become better
  25. Find a better job
  26. Demonstrate initiative
  27. Be positive in all you do
  28. Ask for help, and help others
  29. Say yes
  30. Say no
  31. Don’t forget your people skills
  32. Don’t be shy and promote yourself
  33. Improve your LinkedIn profile

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