Do you want to get promoted at work? If you’re serious about advancing your career, you really have to showcase your abilities to the right people. You have to do your job in a way that demonstrates why you should be considered for a higher position. Read the following tips on how to get promoted quickly.


  1. Show up early
  2. Know your job—and do it
  3. Understand that you can’t get promoted just because you’ve been there for a while
  4. Understand the goals that you need to accomplish
  5. Take responsibility for your own career growth
  6. Figure out what needs improvement in the company, and address it
  7. Keep a positive attitude
  8. Volunteer for more responsibilities
  9. Network with the right people
  10. Immerse yourself in company culture
  11. Consider learning some new skills
  12. Never complain
  13. Be accountable and communicate clearly
  14. Become a calming office presence
  15. Try dressing up a little
  16. Delegate or eliminate what’s not clearly important
  17. Ask how you can help
  18. Take a bigger role in company meetings and events
  19. Make sure people in the company know who you are
  20. Try to be a part of the process for interviewing new people
  21. Be drama-free
  22. Smile
  23. Love problem solving
  24. Own projects from start to finish
  25. Research what opportunities are out there, and meet the key players in those areas
  26. Raise other team members’ performance
  27. Show pride in your work
  28. Avoid office politics and gossip
  29. Display commitment
  30. Demonstrate that you can solve client problems
  31. Be exceptional
  32. Attract and manage great talent
  33. Take notes
  34. Demonstrate that you deserve a promotion by being a leader today
  35. Set up a meeting with your boss to show your interest
  36. Prepare yourself for the meeting
  37. Prepare a case based on how you’ve quantifiably exceeded your goals
  38. Practice what you want to say beforehand
  39. Make your boss aware you want the promotion
  40. Deliver with confidence
  41. If you get turned down, ask what you need to do to improve
  42. Some top executives suggest acting like you already have the promotion — and the responsibilities it comes with
  43. At least once a week, promote yourself to the higher-ups
  44. Never skip the office party

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