There are many talented people around us, but not all of them succeed. You’ve surely met someone very bright and articulate who knows a lot about their field but is not recognized for their talent. Why? It takes more than just an aptitude for the specific work of a job to succeed. To succeed professionally, you need to develop a set of soft skills that can be applied to any position and in any company. Soft skills refer to interpersonal skills such as listening, empathy and your ability to work in a team.

Here is the list you need to be successful. Develop and practice your skills– and you’ll advance your career. 


  1. Decide which skills you want to learn and make a skill acquisition plan
  2. Find a strong emotional reason why you want to learn a new skill
  3. Make sure a lack of talent isn’t your excuse
  4. Make sure you’re surrounded by people who want to achieve the same thing as you or who have already achieved it
  5. Put books and other resources at the reach of your hand
  6. Rearrange your software icons and bookmarks to support skill learning
  7. Reward yourself with something small every time you perform the skill
  8. Respect the best learning practices
  9. Get a mentor or a coach 
  10. Organize, plan and prioritize
  11. Set milestones
  12. Have realistic expectations when learning a new skill
  13. Get emotionally and timewise invested in the skill
  14. Set very specific goals for what you want to master
  15. Don’t lose focus
  16. Acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses
  17. Use a kanban board to help you achieve a better performance
  18. Change your desktop wallpaper into one big motivational reminder
  19. Find ways to delegate or delay tasks that don’t need your focus
  20. Know your goals and priorities
  21. Have a deadline to really master the skill
  22. Schedule blocks of uninterrupted time to learn
  23. Manage interruptions
  24. Build yourself a supportive environment
  25. Listen to relevant audiobooks
  26. Take an online course
  27. Join relevant Facebook & LinkedIn groups
  28. Use your energy highs and lows to your advantage
  29. Finally, enjoy the learning process!


In order to thrive professionally, you need more than just “hard” skills, or technical abilities for your position. It is crucial to career development, and success, that you develop strong interpersonal skills, and can work well with your coworkers. You have already used a “soft” skill by reading this article and taking initiative to bring your very best to your position! By taking advantage of our twenty-nine ways to improve your professional skills, you are setting yourself up for success! Time to go show off those “soft” skills!

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