Eugene Chystiakov

If you love your job, then you would never want to do anything to compromise your position! Keeping your job is mostly dependent on your effort and progress, but it also has to do with your behavior and workplace attitude. Here are the main things you should never do at work, so that you can maintain the respect of your co-workers and superiors.


1. Anything Illegal or Immoral

You should never do anything that is illegal or immoral at any time, which includes your place of work. If you are in a situation that feels wrong or dishonest, there is a good chance that it is. If you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, turn to your superiors for direction. You never want to lose your job over something illegal; it can tarnish your career for a very long time.


2. Spread Rumors or Gossip

Some people love to gossip, but it can be a harm to the morale of a workspace. This is especially true if your conversations are about the people working around you! Avoid co-workers who make up rumors and spread gossip, and do not create false stories yourself. You could lose friends very quickly, and even be reported to higher powers. This kind of behavior simply isn’t worth the effort.


3. Come in Contagious

Spreading an illness is very unfair to the workers around you, especially if you know you are contagious. Do not come into work when you are ill; instead, do your best to work from home. Co-workers will definitely not appreciate you spreading germs all around the office. Call into your superiors and they will surely allow you to work outside of the office. 


4. Steal Your Coworkers’ Food

 Work kitchens are a shared space, which means you have to be respectful of everyone’s personal items. Stealing your co-workers’ food could mean offending or upsetting them, and there’s no place for this in your workspace. Bring your own food and label it accordingly. If you haven’t brought food, it’s better to buy your lunch than to risk angering other employees.


5. Over-consume Alcohol

On any given day at your place of work, you should not be consuming alcohol during work hours. Not only is it frowned upon by your superiors, but it will also affect your ability to do your job. Even if you are at a work event that serves alcohol, it’s best to limit your intake. This will help you to remain professional in front of your co-workers and employers.


6. Get Political

Everyone has their own political views, some of which are very strong. A healthy, respectful conversation about politics is great, but it should never be done in the workplace. Keeping politics out of the workplace also helps to keep out arguments, animosity, and unnecessary segregation between employees.


7. Ignore Your Boss’s Orders

Your boss is in their current position for a reason, which means you should never ignore their orders. If you have a problem with a job you’ve been given, you can bring that to their attention in a respectful and assertive way. However, in most cases, you should always follow your boss’s orders and be respectful of them.


8. Disclose Company Secrets

 It is irresponsible to disclose any information about your company that you know to be protected information. You should never release private information to anyone, even if you think it will be in confidence. Doing so could result in serious penalties or even job loss.


9. Send E-mails You Wouldn’t Want Your Boss to See

In this day and age, sending e-mails to the incorrect recipients is a regular thing. With this being the case, you should never send e-mails that you know could put you in a compromising position. A good rule of thumb is that if your boss shouldn’t see it, then you shouldn’t send it at all.


10. Lie to Make Yourself Look Good

If you’re creating false information to make yourself look good, then you already know that you don’t deserve the praise you’re getting. Is it really worth it to put your job in danger? You should never lie in your workplace to make yourself look better. The better alternative is to work hard and know that your efforts are genuine and worthy of their praise.


11. Be Rude or Bully Others

You are not in high school anymore, so you shouldn’t act like it! If you want respect in your workplace, you should never be rude or bully others. Even as adults, bullying can cause a lot of harm physically and mentally to fellow employees. Instead of stepping on others, try to focus on your own tasks and be helpful to others as much as you can.


Be a Positive Presence

If you’re doing something in your workplace that you’re unsure is acceptable, there’s a good chance it isn’t. Be smart about your actions, and turn to your superiors if you need guidance. By practicing respect in the workplace, you can build a company morale that is much more successful in the long-run.

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