Want to know what your dream job is? Not sure you’ve found one yet?

Here are the signs that you have found the job of your dreams:

  1. You get to do what you love
  2. Your job fits your personality type
  3. Time flies at work
  4. You don’t feel like you’re working
  5. You feel at home
  6. Money isn’t your only motivation
  7. Overtime is like a party for you
  8. You don’t have to watch your back around your coworkers
  9. You like your peers and they like you
  10. Your coworkers are more like friends
  11. Your boss is someone you could have a beer with
  12. You have a great bonding with your boss
  13. Your boss challenges you
  14. You challenge yourself and take risks
  15. The commute is not treacherous
  16. Your employer offers healthcare and other benefits
  17. You’re happy on your salary day
  18. You continuously look to improve
  19. You enjoy challenging situations at work
  20. You excel at your job
  21. You get feedback
  22. You have enough time for loved ones — and yourself
  23. You feel settled
  24. You’re calm on Sundays and you look forward to Mondays
  25. You neglect other job opportunities
  26. You never complain about work
  27. You’re motivated
  28. There’s free coffee

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