Finding a job abroad can be extremely difficult. Many people have absolutely no idea where to begin. This is where LinkedIn comes in handy. We’ve pulled together a list of things to do on your way to landing your dream job using LinkedIn.


  1. Develop your profile
  2. See other professional LinkedIn profiles to have an idea what yours should look like
  3. Gather all your information including experiences of work, certificates and recommendations
  4. Upload a professional photo of yourself
  5. Create a profile that outlines your objectives
  6. Mention on your profile if you have already worked internationally and where
  7. Make sure that your spelling and grammar are correct 
  8. Write your profile in the language of your target country
  9. Include the job titles that you qualified for and want in your headline
  10. Indicate languages that you speak and write fluently
  11. List your target country’s main language first
  12. Seek to learn the target country’s language as well as you can
  13. State your employment status for being able to work in another country
  14. Move the skills most appropriate for the job you are looking for on top of your news feed
  15. Have at least 100 LinkedIn connections
  16. Identify ideal employers and follow them
  17. Make many connections in the industry you are looking to move into or the city or country you wish to establish yourself
  18. Follow companies and contact directly their key decision makers
  19. Find out about job openings anywhere in the world
  20. Investigate the visa process early
  21. List the job titles and the types of industries that you want in your LinkedIn summary section
  22. Reach out to the companies and people you worked with before
  23. Ask for recommendations
  24. Join up to 50 LinkedIn groups
  25. Participate in LinkedIn group discussions
  26. Customize your LinkedIn invitations
  27. Get in contact with other people
  28. Comment on other people’s links 
  29. Submit articles 
  30. Promote your expertise, knowledge and passion
  31. Ready yourself for skype interviews
  32. Expand your skill
  33. Start your own group
  34. Use LinkedIn’s job search facility to find out about job openings 
  35. Once you are all set up, make sure you stay active and up to date

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