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Young women in their 20s receive a lot of mixed messages about how to get where they want to go professionally and personally. They are launching toward their future, full of energy and possibility. So how to get on a path to a fulfilling and rewarding life? Start by building a foundation that will give you insight, experiences, skills, and knowledge. Learn to leverage your talents and build your best life, step by step. Here’s our selection of tips to get you on your own path of success.


  1. Realize that your 20s are going to fly by 
  2. Put pen to paper and write down your career goals
  3. Think about your career over a 5-year period
  4. Make career choices for you, not anyone else
  5. Be less afraid to approach mentors
  6. Always take mentorship over money
  7. Be optimistic every day
  8. Present yourself in the best way possible
  9. Keep learning
  10. Invest in new skills
  11. Invest in personal development
  12. Take advantage of company-paid training
  13. Focus is the most underrated skill
  14. Passion follows hard work, not the other way around
  15. Have hobbies
  16. Embrace failure
  17. Work harder than anyone else around you
  18. Get up, dress up, and show up
  19. Network
  20. Never eat lunch alone
  21. Be nice to everyone
  22. Know when you need to quit
  23. Look for other jobs while you’re employed
  24. It’s ok if your first job sucks 
  25. You can excel in a male-dominated workplace
  26. Volunteer
  27. Don’t waste your time in a job you hate
  28. Choose your friends wisely
  29. Find the courage to meet new people
  30. Prioritize your mental health
  31. Make sacrifices and take risks while you have freedom
  32. Travel the world
  33. Focus on your passions, not the money. When it’s right, the two will align eventually
  34. Be yourself, even when it seems like it might be easier to be someone else
  35. Don’t be afraid to give up the career path you thought you wanted for something new. It just might be the best decision you ever make.
  36. Read the book ‘Earn It!: Know Your Value and Grow Your Career, in Your 20s and Beyond’ by Mika Brzezinski