We’ve all heard the phrase “work smarter not harder,” but how can we do it? Check out our tips on how to boost your success while actually working less.

  1. Ensure efficient time management
  2. Use the 80/20 Pareto Principle and pomodoro technique to be more productive
  3. Stop multitasking
  4. Downsize email time
  5. Cut back on “wasteful” meetings
  6. Turn off distractions during work hours
  7. Divide yourself between complete rest and complete focus
  8. Set out a “do not disturb sign” and/or have set uninterrupted times
  9. Stop “got a minute” meetings
  10. Understand the difference between “urgent” and “important”
  11. Conquer important tasks first
  12. Select a small set of priorities and hone in on those chosen areas
  13. Set clear milestones
  14. Gain the support of others
  15. Redesign your workflow
  16. Wear headphones to reduce noise from the workplace and discourage people from interrupting you
  17. Follow the “touch it once” rule
  18. Avoid idle conversations
  19. Learn to communicate effectively
  20. Finish what you start
  21. Run effective meetings
  22. Stay out of unneeded conflict
  23. Overcome resistance to the hard-to-start tasks
  24. Centralize important files and documents
  25. Stop working overtime and increase your productivity instead
  26. Don’t say “yes” too often
  27. Stop doing everything yourself and start letting people help you
  28. Stop being a perfectionist
  29. Build processes for repetitive tasks and start automating
  30. Stop guessing and start backing up your decisions with data
  31. Relieve stress
  32. Learn to enjoy everything you do 

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