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If you are a manager or a leader you have to master the art of delegation. It is going to be a major key to maximizing your productivity during tight deadlines or large workloads and it allows you to move from what you can do personally to what you can manage. Learning how to delegate effectively, will multiply your value to your company. If you are unsure how to delegate properly or are hesitant to do so, read our tips on how to do it effectively.


  1. Learn to let go
  2. Know when to delegate
  3. Find the right tasks to delegate
  4. Delegate responsibility and authority and not only tasks
  5. Select the right person to delegate to
  6. Allow the person to control his or her own methods and processes
  7. Explain why you’re delegating
  8. Establish an understanding of the task assigned
  9. Ask for any concerns they may have and their suggestions and ideas
  10. Furnish context for the task and be clear on the objectives and outcomes
  11. Provide clear instructions and monitor progress
  12. Determine standards and establish the major do’s and don’ts
  13. Discuss timelines and deadlines
  14. Agree on a schedule of checkpoints at which you’ll review project progress
  15. Maintain open lines of communication
  16. Provide adequate support
  17. Be available to answer questions
  18. Ensure ongoing communication 
  19. Provide resources and training if needed
  20. Focus on results
  21. Get ongoing non-intrusive feedback about progress on the project
  22. Take time to review all submitted work
  23. Give feedback
  24. If you are not satisfied with the progress, ask the person to make adjustments and do not do the task yourself!
  25. Review and assess the outcome 
  26. Keep in mind that nobody would accomplish a task exactly as you would do. Sometimes, you should accept the result only to motivate others even if it’s not perfect but good enough
  27. Say thank you and show your appreciation

If you want more insight into delegation read the book ‘Delegation and Supervision’ by Brian Tracy

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