Thinking about starting to work from home? Whether you think working remotely will better suit your needs and personality, or your job requires it, this is a viable option for many!

However, it can be incredibly difficult! If you are used to operating in a crowded office or similarly social atmosphere, changing your routine can feel isolating, limit productivity and be downright uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to make this inconvenient setting into a more productive, and possibly even enjoyable, experience.


  1. Get organized and prioritize
  2. Group similar activities
  3. Use task management apps and productivity apps to create To Do lists
  4. Plan your day and structure it like you would in the office
  5. Get started early and include a morning routine that gets you moving
  6. Discover your peak productivity periods
  7. Set specific “hours of business” if they are not preset for you
  8. Conduct business during traditional hours
  9. Get comfortable office furniture and maintain a well-equipped home office with all the necessities
  10. Keep the supplies you use often within reach
  11. Become computer savvy and invest in technology
  12. Set up a skype-friendly environment
  13. Brush up on your communication skills
  14. Prepare your meals the night before
  15. Relegate time for household projects or cleaning to before or after business hours
  16. Communicate your work schedule to friends and family
  17. Pretend like you are going into the office
  18. Don’t work in your PJs, dress as if you are expecting company
  19. Use your “lunch break” for errands and appointments
  20. Destroy distraction—don’t work in front of the TV, stay off social media and limit the number of times you check e-mail
  21. Delegate all that you can
  22. Avoid multitasking and stay focused
  23. Work when you’re at your most productive
  24. Take breaks
  25. Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  26. Interact with other humans
  27. Pick a definitive finishing time each day
  28. Create a rewards system
  29. Read the book “Work at Home” by Caitlin Pyle

Did you see something on our list that put you at ease? Phew! Take a deep breath and remain open to this new possibility! As with pretty much everything in life, it’s important that you can make necessary adjustments in your career. Working from home can be one of those adjustments, and if you follow the twenty-nine steps we have outlined above, you will find yourself adjusting smoothly to your new home office.

No matter why you are working remotely, taking the time to prepare yourself for new routines will ease the stress of the transition. Follow our suggestions and you will be a work from home professional before you know it. 

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