Thinking that you are underpaid can be one of the most disheartening aspects of work. You can trust your gut feeling, or you can check out if it’s true. We’ve pulled together 17 definitive signs that you’re being underpaid.

  1. Online salary data says so
  2. People below you earn more
  3. You’ve never negotiated a higher salary
  4. The average salary is higher than yours
  5. You tell yourself money doesn’t matter
  6. You earn less than your friends in a similar industry
  7. The “know your worth” tool confirms it
  8. Someone at your company gives you a hint
  9. Your salary isn’t keeping up with inflation
  10. A similar job listing on your company site offers more money
  11. Your annual performance review didn’t include talk of a raise
  12. Your salary increases exist but are incredibly small
  13. You’ve been given more responsibility without a pay raise
  14. Your company is growing and thriving, but your paycheck is not
  15. Your boss is evasive when you want to discuss your career path
  16. Everyone around you seems to be getting bonuses, but you’re not
  17. You have a gut feeling

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