Asking for a pay rise is never easy and there is absolutely no guarantee of success. Before you ask for a raise, you need to think about why you deserve it so you can make a good case to your boss. So before you dive head first into that discussion, be sure to run through the following questions ahead of time.

  1. When did I start this job?
  2. How’s my company doing?
  3. Is my current salary where it should be for my position?
  4. Do I really want more money, or more job satisfaction?
  5. Am I actually underpaid?
  6. Do I deserve a salary boost, or do I just want one?
  7. How much do I ask for, and how much will I be happy with?
  8. Am I aiming too low?
  9. How am I performing compared to my colleagues?
  10. When is the last time I got a raise?
  11. Should I ask for benefits instead?
  12. Should I actually ask for the amount I want or aim higher?
  13. What will I do What’s my plan if I’m turned down?

To get more insight into positioning yourself for a raise read the book ‘How to Raise Your Own Salary‘ by Napoleon Hill.

how to raise your own salary

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