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Once you begin an interview, there are many factors to manage alongside responding to the actual questions. For example, you may want to take notes but aren’t sure if it’s appropriate. Alternatively, you may need a few moments to think before responding to a question, but you’re not sure if it’s proper interview etiquette.

Understanding proper etiquette is a crucial part of a successful interview. But what is it?

Etiquette is defined as a code of proper behavior. It refers to the written and unwritten rules that help you avoid offending or annoying someone. Job interview etiquette explains how to dress and how to communicate with your interviewer. If you want to impress, read the following rules for making all the right moves before, during, and after your meeting.

  1. Dress the part
  2. Arrive 15 minutes early but no sooner
  3. Make sure your cell phone is off
  4. Greet your interviewers as Ms or Mr
  5. Give a firm handshake
  6. Look people in the eye and smile
  7. Ask if you may take notes during the interview as you’re settling in with small talk before an interview begins
  8. Let the company take the lead during your interview
  9. Sit up straight and lean slightly forward
  10. Demonstrate positive body language
  11. Check for signs that your interviewer understands you
  12. Ask well-prepared questions
  13. Keep in mind you won’t always have much time to ask questions—pay attention to the interviewer’s cues about time
  14. Pursue the job even if your interview is going badly
  15. Your interview is not over until you drive down the road
  16. Promptly send a a follow-up thank you note

Follow these tips and you’ll skyrocket your chances of getting to the next round. However, if you still struggle with the confidence and you want to hone your interview skills, sign up for our online video course “How To Ace A Job Interview.”

How to ace a job interview

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