Can’t get a job? Feel like a failure? Searching for a job is tough. And it can impact your self-esteem. When you first start your search you might feel full of hope and excitement for all of the new possibilities! It is important to keep up this momentum by using your free time to improve your skills and confidence. It might start to seem hopeless when things don’t work out right away. Don’t let a few rejections get you down- try to hold onto that initial enthusiasm. A bumpy job search can lower your confidence, which can make your search even harder.

Check out the following tips on how to break this vicious cycle and keep your self-esteem high during these tough times.


  1. Practice positive self-talk
  2.  If you’re not working, take advantage of it to engage in professional development
  3. Update your industry knowledge
  4. Network with people in your field
  5. Get out from in front of the television
  6. Get into a daily routine
  7. Learn a foreign language
  8. Interact with other job seekers
  9. Identify your weaknesses, and work on them
  10. Be a role model of positive attitude
  11. Volunteer
  12. Create a comforting and productive environment
  13. Ignore your inner critic
  14. Build a positive self-image
  15. Acknowledge yourself
  16. Eat well and exercise
  17. Cut negative people from your life if possible
  18. Cultivate positive relationships
  19. Try a new hobby
  20. Spend time with your family
  21. Find alternative sources of income
  22. Pursue your passion
  23. Seek encouragement from others
  24. Challenge yourself
  25. Don’t give up
  26. Believe in yourself


We hope you can use these pointers as a lifeline when it feels like you are swimming up-river searching for a job. Perseverance and confidence are key. You might not get the first job you set your sights on. Sometimes it takes significant time and effort to really secure a new position.

Don’t give up on yourself! You’ve made it this far and you can use this time to work on your passions and strengthen your self-worth.

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