Do you have a job you love and are afraid to lose? Or maybe a job you need to hold onto but secretly hate? If you have relaxed into these unprofessional habits, you may be in trouble! But it’s not too late to change. Read on to learn what employers say are the top 10 unprofessional habits that could get you fired. 


1. Being on social media or making personal calls all day long

Although it might be incredibly tempting to check your phone for the latest post on Instagram or Facebook, you should refrain! It really makes a difference to everyone in the office if you’re more focused on them and the work you’re doing than you’re on your phone. Besides, employers value committed, focused employees, so if you’re doing this, it could be preventing you from getting a raise!


2. Calling in sick when you aren’t

It’s understandable to call in sick when you’re feeling under the weather and do not think you could perform your job properly. That’s what sick days are for! If you make a habit of calling in sick when you want a day off, people will not take you as seriously and might resent you for using this excuse to have the day to yourself. Besides, you never know what the future holds. Save those sick days for when you actually need them!


3. Drinking on the job

This might seem obvious, but in some work environments the opportunity to drink while you work might naturally present itself. Even if you’re offered a glass of celebratory wine or a complimentary beer, you should remind yourself that you are still at work! There will be plenty of time to enjoy drinks later. If you engage, do not go overboard. Naturally, if you feel pressure to drink in secret, alarm bells should be going off. Never do anything you wouldn’t do in front of your boss at work. 


4. Looking for another job while you’re at work

Is your job slowly killing all of your brain cells? Although it may be important for your long term happiness to find a new place of work, your current employer will not appreciate this use of company time. It’s disrespectful and demoralizing to anyone who might catch you in the act, whether coworker or boss. If you need to keep your current job while you’re looking for a new one, wait until you get home to job search! 


5. Lying

It’s important to be straightforward with your fellow employees and employers. You may think you can get away with changing the truth to improve their opinions of you, but you should remember that communication is key in a work environment, and sooner or later the truth will come out. When it does, everyone will immediately distrust you, as they will wonder what else you were hiding. An untrustworthy employee is not a valuable one. 


6. Procrastinating

Your next task is not due until tomorrow at 5PM, so you can relax and just coast by today, right? Wrong. Completing tasks as soon as they are assigned gives your employer the impression that you’re on top of your work and that they can count on you. When they start to notice that you wait until the last minute to complete a task, they will start assigning them to someone else who will not be as “lazy.”


7. Stealing

Do you ever see the extra rolls of paper towels, the boxes of pens, or maybe more exciting supplies like beautiful jewels or delicious treats, and think, who would notice if I took some home? Perhaps you could, and no one would be the wiser, but most likely, there are measures in place so that if things go missing, your employer will know. When they discover it was you, any trust you have earned will be erased and you’ll almost definitely lose your job. Plus, forget about getting a reference from your boss!


8. Swearing

Work is stressful at times! When our emotions get high in our jobs, that means we careit’s great to care about your work. Swearing might be your go-to way to express your frustration at home, but when you’re at work, you will need a new way to release your frustration. Swearing may offend the people around you and make them think you cannot control yourself. It’s just unprofessional, and people might begin to think that you are too. 


9. Talking about political issues

Politics can really divide people. The last thing you want to do at work is offend your employer if they have different political views than you. In order to keep your job, you may have to avoid talking about politics in your place of work. This won’t stop others from broadcasting their point of view, but it will protect you from animosity. Sometimes, as hard as it is, the best thing to do is nothing at all. Play coy with politics and you will not have to deal with any dramatic work-time fallout. 


10. Soliciting signatures, volunteers, or donations

While it can be very tempting, using your place of work as a platform for soliciting might make others feel uncomfortable or cause them to avoid you. It is unprofessional and your employer may feel as though you are using them. If you can casually mention it in conversation from time to time, that’s one thing. Beware if you are constantly harassing your fellow coworkers with forever changing solicitations. It will not be appreciated, and this dislike may very well turn into your employer wanting to fire you. 


If any of these habits seem familiar to you, it’s in your best interest to make some changes!  Avoiding these unprofessional habits may make you stand out as a model employee. We commend the dedication you’ve shown to your job by researching and checking out our company We Mean Career, and we wish you the best of luck making these changes!

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