Have you ever fantasized about leaving your job? Have you ever wondered if your dissatisfaction was enough to override the stability of your position? Here at WeMeanCareer, we know that an essential part of your career trajectory is being able to identify not only the jobs that will help your career grow, but also which jobs will not help you on your chosen career path. Sometimes the best thing for both your mental and physical wellbeing is just to walk away.

To help you decide, we have created a list of fifteen great reasons to leave your current job. If you identify with any one of the following reasons, it could be time to draft your resignation, and start looking for a new job!


  1. You feel undervalued and underappreciated
  2. You don’t feel challenged
  3. Your boss doesn’t recognize your good work
  4. You have a terrible boss
  5. You don’t have growth opportunities
  6. You go over and beyond at work but get passed over for promotions every time
  7. Your company is financially unstable or is going under
  8. You’re not advancing
  9. You’re sorely underpaid
  10. You’re stuck in a toxic office or corporate culture
  11. You are overworked
  12. You have poor office management
  13. You have unbearable relationships with your coworkers​
  14. You’re stuck in a rut
  15. You’re often forced to work overtime


Does your job have any of the fifteen problematic traits listed above? If so, we hope we have provided you with the appropriate assurance that is the right decision to leave it!

Remember, it is important to grow in your career, as well as enjoy your work. You will spend on average about one third of your life in the workplace. Don’t be afraid of change. Quit the job that is stifling your growth and happiness! 

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