Career Mistakes

You’ve probably thought about what you should do to be successful in your career. However, it’s just as important to consider what you should not do, too.

We all make mistakes in the workplace at one point or another — especially early in our career. Here are the biggest professional mistakes you should definitely avoid:

  1. Putting your career ahead of your life
  2. Forgetting about work-life balance
  3. Allowing yourself to be unhappy at work
  4. Not asking for a raise
  5. Blurring the line between personal and professional
  6. Not believing in yourself
  7. Thinking that it’s too late to change careers
  8. Being a negative person
  9. Trying to convince yourself that you love your job when you don’t
  10. Not actively looking for a job when you’re not happy with the one you have
  11. Thinking that once you choose a job field, you’re stuck with it forever
  12. Letting someone else make career decisions for you
  13. Missing deadlines
  14. Arriving at meetings late
  15. Being unprepared for meetings
  16. Engaging in office drama
  17. Dressing unprofessionally
  18. Not networking
  19. Making premature judgments of others
  20. Not sharing your knowledge with others
  21. Burning bridges when leaving a job
  22. Forgetting to thank people who help you
  23. Not asking for help when you need it
  24. Making decisions that impact others without consulting with them first
  25. Not sharing your career goals with your leader
  26. Failing to brush up on your skills
  27. Failing to seek out a mentor
  28. Not having a learning mindset
  29. Assuming that you know everything
  30. Not learning from your mistakes and failures
  31. Not doing enough research
  32. Not asking for more work when you’re bored or not taking any extra work, which reflects negatively on you
  33. Being satisfied doing the minimum amount of work necessary
  34. Failing to embrace change and challenge
  35. Not focusing on projects which will drive the most value

To get more insight, read the book “You Did What?!: The Biggest Blunders Professionals Make (A Confident Communicator’s Guide)” by Kim Zoller and Kerry Preston. 

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