This is something that’s sure to come up in interviews! “Why do you want this job?” is one of the most common questions. It’s also one of the most important – your response can often be the difference between landing your dream job or not. 

Firstly, let’s think about why an interviewer would ask this. This question is designed to see why you’re interested in the job. It’s also useful for them as it helps them get to know you better. 

The interviewer will be looking to see how you add value to the team and company. So, you need to make sure you portray enthusiasm when putting your answer together. 

Here are some tips on how to come up with a great response. 


The best way to respond

Before answering this question, it’s important to consider: 

  • Why the company is appealing to you 
  • How the role is a good fit for your skills 
  • Your career plan and how the job fits in 
  • How the job will help you grow and develop 

Then, we recommend writing a rough answer out before the interview and practicing it. This means you won’t be put on the spot. 

Your reply might begin along the lines of…

  • “I feel I will succeed in this role because…”
  • “I believe my skills are a great fit for this job because…”
  • “This is a really exciting opportunity for me as I will be able to…” 
  • “This role would help me to develop my career by…” 

When you’re crafting your potential answers, there are three main approaches you can take: 


1. Show an interest in the company 

One approach to take is to show a strong interest in the company. You can do this by carrying out some research and looking at the company’s values, mission, or any recent changes or updates to find something you’re passionate about. 

After choosing a few key facts to mention, explain why these factors caught your eye and why you think the company is a good fit for you. Try and be as enthusiastic as you can when expressing interest in areas of the business that are relevant to you. 


2. Focus on your skills and experience 

Another way to go about answering is to focus on your skills and experience. This is helpful as it gives an insight into your key skillset. This shows the interviewer how you can add value to the team and company, which is essential if you want to impress them! 

Begin by reading over the job description and pinpoint exactly what the role entails. Then, choose some of the desired or necessary skills and focus on a few of your related experiences or achievements to show why you would be a perfect fit for the job. 


3. Talk about career progression 

Lastly, you can use this question to talk about your future career progression and how this job fits into your goals. You can talk about specific parts of the job that are interesting to you, why you admire the company culture, and any future training or courses you plan to take. 

Whatever you choose to mention, make sure you give the impression that this is a long-term position. The last thing an employer wants is someone that’s looking for a stepping stone. You don’t need to mention timescales, just explain why this role makes sense for you at the moment.

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