Skype interviews are becoming more and more common in the modern job market. There are even companies that prefer video interviews as compared to face-to-face ones to recruit their employees. The reason is obvious. Companies save on interviewing costs and streamline the job interview process. But like a face-to-face interview, Skype interviews are just as stressful, because you have to impress someone. Preparation, as always, is key for a successful interview.

Our guide provides valuable tips that you need to ace that interview you’ve been dreading.

  1. Research the company background
  2. Know who you’ll be speaking with
  3. Practice and watch your body language
  4. Practice delivering your answers
  5. Prepare a list of questions to ask
  6. Create a desktop folder with reference documents
  7. Dress to impress
  8. Prepare your surroundings
  9. Choose a location that’s distraction-free
  10. Be technically prepared
  11. Close other programs on your computer
  12. Don’t be late
  13. Sit up straight
  14. Try to maintain eye contact with the camera as much as possible
  15. Speak clearly
  16. Address tech problems immediately 
  17. Use notes but don’t rely too much on them
  18. Avoid interruptions
  19. Try keeping your expression pleasant and engaged
  20. Stay focused
  21. Say “Thank You” 
  22. Follow up!


More and more companies are using Skype and other video interviews to streamline their interview process. First impressions are crucial, even if they take place through a webcam. That’s why Skype interviews should be taken very seriously and treated like a face-to-face meeting. There are some important steps you should take to prepare.

In this article, we show you how to look good in a Skype interview and how to make sure you’re ready to impress your future employer.

  1. Dress as if the interview was face to face
  2. Make sure your user name and profile picture reflect you in a professional way
  3. Find a quiet place for the interview
  4. Maintain a pleasant facial expression during the interview
  5. Don’t forget to smile
  6. Make sure you’re not interrupted
  7. Set up a professional background
  8. Don’t have any light behind you, even if it’s from the window
  9. Have a light facing you
  10. Soft, natural lighting is the way to go
  11. Set up your camera so that your face is nicely framed
  12. Face the camera and not the screen
  13. Pay attention to your body language
  14. Handle any technical glitches with grace

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How to ace a job interview

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