are you working for a micromanager

Are you working for a micromanager? Dealing with a controlling boss is frustrating, demoralizing, and demotivating. Here are the key signs that you work for a micromanager:


  1. Your Boss Avoids Delegation

If your boss is a micromanager, you’ll notice that they have a hard time delegating tasks. 

In some cases, they’re too afraid to give a job to someone because they might not do it perfectly. In other cases, they think that it takes too much time to explain a task. The result is that workers lack confidence and the opportunity to learn, while the manager is stressed and overworked.


  1. Your Boss Thinks They Have the Best Approach to Every Task

Your boss has earned their position in the company, so they seem to know everything about the job. However, they may take this position too far.

Instead of getting opinions from their employees, micromanagers believe that their ideas are best. They often have a tough time going to others for advice, and they shut down other ideas.


  1. Your Boss Requires Regular Updates from Every Employee

If you work for a micromanager, you may be used to constant updates and excessive reports. Your boss must know what’s going on all day, which means keeping a close eye on everything. This can be tedious, and often wastes time.

It can be very frustrating to work with this kind of micromanager since you often feel like you aren’t trusted to get your work done correctly. It’s also very difficult to get work done when you are always following up with your boss on simple assignments.


  1. Your Boss Acts Like a Manager, But Not a Leader

 Micromanagers lack skills to be an effective leader. They struggle to motivate others and share opportunities with their teams. They also lack interest in helping others evolve and grow in their careers. They don’t lead by example; instead, they are a better example of what not to do.


  1. Your Boss Suspects Everybody Wastes Time and Resources

 Your boss is a micromanager if they constantly complain about their employees. They assume that everyone is not putting in enough effort or using the company’s valuable resources wisely. If you feel like your boss is being unnecessarily hard on you, it might be a good idea to talk to them. 


  1. Your Boss Loses Sight of the Big Picture and Focuses on Small Details Instead

If you work for a micromanager, you’ll notice that your boss is often stuck on tiny details. While your boss is correcting minor typos in emails, they fail to create a vision for big projects and assignments. With this kind of managerial approach, the company won’t see desired success.


  1. Your Boss Can’t Take Criticism or Constructive Feedback

A micromanager usually assumes that everything they do is right. As a result, they don’t take criticism well. They often give harsh opinions, but they’ll never accept them from others. When someone challenges them, they’ll become defensive, which can make it difficult to exchange ideas and achieve the best possible result. 


  1. You’re Not Allowed to Make Decisions, and You Feel Like You Have No Freedom

If you work for a micromanager, you might feel very limited in your position. You’ll feel like you can’t share ideas or brainstorm, and as though you’re not trusted or experienced enough to make decisions.

In this kind of workplace, you’ll feel stuck, unfulfilled and with no way to grow.



Some people, however, need constant vigilance. But for those who wish for more space and freedom, this can quickly turn into a frustrating situation.

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