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There is nothing worse than feeling like you’re being neglected by your employer, with no communication of a promotion or proper recognition. You might notice that your colleagues are getting promoted while you remain within the same role over a period of time. If you’ve ever wondered what gives, this article may help provide some clarity around what you’re doing wrong. 


1. You Don’t Take Feedback Well 

Remember, step one is being able to receive feedback. Step two is being able to make the changes your employer wants to see happen…but you can’t do that without having the conversation or knowing what you’re doing wrong.

2. You’re Not Showing Leadership Skills 

Managers want to see that you care about the team and the mission, that’s why they hired you, not just to do the job. Start taking the initiative and try to encourage the team to move towards a common goal 

3. You Haven’t Inquired About a Career Development Plan or Timeline 

This is the biggest step in trying to work towards a promotion – you need to know what it takes to get there – and a good manager will want you to ask the question. So when your next touch base comes, show interest in creating a timeline together. This way you will both have a trajectory and you can hold each other accountable. 

4. You Don’t Trust That Others Have Good Intentions 

Recognizing and uplifting someone else will never ruin your chance of a promotion, in fact, it will encourage it. Why? Because when you think less like an opportunist, and more like a leader, your individual contribution to the team is far more valuable. So remember to uplift your coworkers and help them feel empowered.

5. You Aren’t Connecting Enough With Your Team

When you don’t mentally partake in team culture events like team outings or team bonding activities, you’re missing out on developing your working relationship with your colleagues and the executives. Be Yourself. Be Authentic. Be Humble. Show genuine interest in the people around you. 

6. You May Not Be Ready – It Can Be That Simple

This ties back to our career development plan and timeline. You may need to work on some necessary skills for a month or two before you’re considered for a promotion. That’s totally okay! Don’t take it as a loss. It’s a huge win to know what you need to work on and where you can see yourself within that time span.

7. Your Performance Isn’t Positive 

Your reviews with your supervisor may highlight some negative experiences you have had within the last 6 months or so, which is enough cause to halt any consideration for a promotion. There may be something going on in your life that is causing you to not be present or may be causing you to be more stressed at work. You can’t get fired for something like this but it might be preventing you from being able to perform positively in the workplace. 

8. You Don’t Try To Solve Problems 

One of the most important wins you can achieve at work is solving a problem, whether big or small. Problem-solving shows that you care and that you’re putting an effort towards improving the company. 

9. The Biggest Misconception Is Not Voicing What You Want

The most common misconception is thinking you deserve the promotion, but not feeling empowered to voice that you deserve it. You have to work towards that promotion. So start writing down reasons why you deserve it that align with the company’s values and mission. You will be ready for a promotion when you have excelled in all areas and have made strides towards improving your skillset as well as the company’s business.


Now you know what you need to do! Don’t forget that promotions are not just given, you have to work for it. Most importantly, treat the process as a chance to grow and learn. When you don’t get the promotion you want, it sometimes gives you the push you need to work towards that goal. Learn from your past, and take action so that you’ll get the recognition that you deserve. 

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