About to start a new job and internally dying? Worried about making a fool of yourself before the day is out? We’ve all been there, but no worries, we’ve got your back! Read on for 10 of the worst things to do on your first day of work!


1. Don’t dress unprofessionally 

You probably have heard the old saying “Appearances matter,” but what you might not know is that our brain judges trustworthiness and likeability in milliseconds, before we’re even conscious of the fact! Do your best to make a stellar first impressionafter all, you’ll never get that opportunity again. Start off on the right foot, and never look back. 


2. Don’t show up late or too early

While you might have already come to the conclusion that showing up late sends disorganized, chaotic vibes, the harm of showing up early isn’t quite as intuitive. Consider that when you show up early, you might catch your employers by surprise, cutting into their prep time or catching them disorganized or stressed. You don’t want to be the object of their frustration or confusion! So it’s better to show that you can manage your own time and show up when they’re expecting you. 


3. Don’t blow off orientation

While you might be tempted to skip out on orientation sessions, thinking that you will find them boring, unnecessary, or just plain uncomfortable, consider the merits for a moment. You will likely find yourself networking with other coworkers, potentially forming bonds that will serve you in your work. Plus, you just might learn something new!


4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or ignore offers of help

Research shows that doing a favor for someone makes us feel more invested in them as a person. While you might be afraid to burden your coworkers or boss, studies show that the majority of people actually enjoy helping others, and that it is beneficial for both parties. Just make sure that you show your gratitude and continue learning and working independently, so that your coworkers don’t feel as if you aren’t making an effort. In that case, they might feel as if you are taking advantage of them and begin to feel resentful. 


5. Don’t complain about your former or current boss or coworkers

Quite possibly the most tempting no-no on our list, gossiping about your coworkers or boss, whether current or not, could land you in hot water. People who engage in gossip with you are equally likely to gossip about you, and you don’t know where your private information will end up. Besides, gossiping can make you seem petty and untrustworthy. 


6. Don’t turn down lunch invitations and be antisocial

Everyone needs their alone time now and then, and we certainly wouldn’t suggest that you should spend every minute at work chatting away with coworkers. However, consistently rejecting offers to be social outside of work can lead to the appearance that you think you’re better than everyone else, and your coworkers will quickly give up on inviting you out. The first day will set the tone for future interactions and a lot of networking happens off the clock, so don’t close yourself off to the idea!


7. Don’t yawn or watch the clock

Realistically, there will be days where you are desperate to leave work, or feel incredibly bored, but don’t let that show, especially on the first day! Your boss and coworkers should know from the very beginning how committed you are to the company. If they don’t, you might not make it past probation. Your boss wants to see that you’re invested, and showing you can’t wait to leave is sending negative signals, especially as a new employee.


8. Don’t show off or try to seem overfamiliar

You might feel tempted to “prove” your knowledge or worth to the company by speeding through work trainings or taking on unnecessary responsibilities before you’re ready. Know that this shows immaturity and could irritate your coworkers and boss. With time, your consistent and impressive work will shine through. It’s best to be patient and humble until that moment, as this will be better received by your coworkers and boss. 


9. Don’t spend half the day decorating your new space

You’re probably feeling super excited about having your own space and already planning exactly what it will look like. Take a step back and relax! The best approach is to let your style come out little by little, or you will give the impression that you care more about appearances than succeeding at the job. There will be plenty of down time to decorate if you manage your time wisely, so it’s best to stick to learning about your new job for the first few days.


10. Don’t spend time on social sites or on your phone

While it may seem like everyone is on their phone, or social media, at work, don’t make it your goal to be ordinary. Wasting time on social media or your phone will convey that you are more interested in your personal life than what’s going on around you. Besides being unprofessional, it will make it harder for you to focus on your work and make the time pass slower. 


If you made it this far, you’re ready for your first day of work! Congratulations on putting in the hard work of preparing for your new job by researching and checking out our company We Mean Career. Your industrious spirit will most definitely serve you well in your new job! Be sure to check back in for more tips as you settle into your new company.

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