Your resume is the most important document you can have in your arsenal for job searches. The goal of this sheet is to help potential employers learn about you and your skills. That way, they can determine if your experiences and strengths best match the position for which you are applying.While each resume can differ, depending on professional history, education, position, and industry, they all include key sections. It can be hard to determine which resume items are going to be most helpful when you’re applying for a job. 

The goal here is to be concise and thorough with the information you provide. Consider these 15 items to include on your resume:


  1. Accomplishments and achievements
  2. Certifications and credentials
  3. Contact information
  4. Educational experience
  5. Entrepreneurial experience
  6. Job experience
  7. Leadership experience
  8. Keywords from the job posting
  9. Metrics
  10. Personal qualities
  11. Professional title
  12. Relevant URLs
  13. Special skills and experience
  14. Volunteer work
  15. Your career narrative


Often, employers ask for a resume, even if you fill out an application. This document is one of the first things a potential employer is going to see. Many times, it helps them decide if they should look at the other information you have provided and call you for an interview. Having a well-developed resume can get you recognized by employers that want candidates like you. If you need to write a job-winning resume, check out our online video course, “How to Write a Job-Winning Resume.“

How to Write a Job-Winning Resume

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