Have you been wondering if it’s time to quit your job? How do you know the difference between fatigue and when it’s time to jump ship? Should you give your job one more chance, or is it time to revamp your resume? Whether or not you ultimately choose to leave your job, it’s always good to assess whether your everyday feelings are signs that you should quit your current job.

As you read our list of 20 signs that it is time to quit your job, reflect on your current position. Should you find your thoughts reflected in the list below, it’s time to hit the road!

  1. Your job is making you sick, miserable or depressed
  2. You feel drained by your work
  3. You hate your job, role or responsibilities
  4. You can’t get along with your boss
  5. You dread going to work
  6. Your pay is too low
  7. You vent about your job too much
  8. You’re bored and apathetic
  9. You can’t stand your colleagues
  10. You’re not learning
  11. You are too comfortable
  12. You’re overqualified
  13. Your commute is too long
  14. Your co-workers are fleeing
  15. You are bringing negative energy into your home life
  16. Your work environment is toxic
  17. The work culture doesn’t fit with you
  18. Your company’s values and yours don’t align
  19. Your company is about to crash
  20. You have got a better offer

It’s not uncommon to dislike your job, but if you find that you identify with one or more of the 20 signs we listed above, it could be time to pack up your desk. It is important to feel that there is room for growth and that you can engage with your work. Your career advancement depends on both choosing jobs with healthy environments and guidance and on your willingness to leave a workplace that doesn’t provide these key elements.

Remember, you deserve a job that you enjoy and advances your career. 

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