Are you worried about what to include in your resume? When applying for jobs, your resume will be the first thing potential employers will see. It should highlight your skills and experience in a clear and positive way. 

With this in mind, it’s important to find the right words to show yourself in the best way possible. To help you do this, here are some words you should avoid using in your resume: 

1. Business jargon 

Business jargon can seriously devalue your resume. Words like “bottom line”, “synergy” “value add”, or wheelhouse are so overused and won’t help you to impress or stand out. 

It’s much better to use clear language to describe yourself and to use specific examples of your accomplishments. This will show how you can deliver value as an employee. 


2. Generic self-promotion 

When writing a resume, it’s important to sell yourself. However, using generic phrases to do this isn’t very effective – many have been used so much that have become meaningless. 

It’s best to avoid words like “go-getter”, “results-driven”, “motivated”, “team player”, “detail-oriented”, or proactive”. Instead, give examples of how you demonstrate these qualities. 


3. “Unemployed” 

Even if you don’t have a job at the moment, using the word “unemployed” in your resume is unnecessary and can come across as extremely negative. 

The person reading the resume can already see your employment dates. If you’re unemployed, this will be apparent – there’s no need to draw attention to it!


4. Explaining resume gaps 

As with “unemployed”, there’s no need to explain gaps in your resume. Adding information like “stay-at-home mom” or “traveling” or any other personal information isn’t needed at this stage. 

If you want to address gaps in your employment, this is something that can be discussed at the interview stage. With this, remember to highlight the transferable skills learned during that time. 


5. “Microsoft Office”

When writing your resume, it’s a good idea to mention the skills you have. But, mentioning your skills in Microsoft Office software, such as Word or Excel, isn’t impressive as this is expected. 

This software is so commonly used and has been for some time. This means that being able to use it is seen as a given. Instead, include skills that make you stand out and are relevant. 


6. “Salary negotiable”

The word “salary” should never be mentioned on your resume, especially when combined with the word “negotiable” it looks tacky and unprofessional. 

Your salary talks should only take place after receiving a job offer. During the resume and interview stage, you should focus on the job itself and what you have to offer.

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