Do you hate your job? Going to work every day when you hate what you’re doing or who you work with can be a huge challenge that negatively impacts your life. 

Read our tips on 35 things you can do when you’re miserable at work.


    1. Start by doing a quick self-assessment
    2. Know it’s not just you
    3. Keep your “I hate my job” thoughts to yourself
    4. Be careful about what you say and to whom
    5. Determine what exactly is causing unhappiness
    6. Figure out why you hate your job
    7. Figure out if it’s you or the job you’re unhappy with
    8. Vent about it
    9. Don’t quit immediately
    10. Set your boundaries
    11. Recognize your signs of discomfort are exactly the push you need
    12. Take action
    13. Talk to your boss
    14. Work with a career coach and/or therapist
    15. Read Simon Sinek’s “Find Your Why”
    16. Consider expanding your thinking and entrepreneurial flair
    17. Market yourself in terms of what you want to be doing
    18. Get back on track to a successful career path by learning new things
    19. Grow your professional network
    20. Gain maximum knowledge and experience from your current job
    21. Focus on professional development
    22. Learn how to be more diplomatic
    23. Try to find a different role for yourself
    24. Always remember your job does not define who you are
    25. Do your best work
    26. Look for appealing opportunities within the organization
    27. Set your career goals
    28. Change your attitude
    29. Try to make your job more enjoyable
    30. Change your job without changing companies
    31. Maximize the advantages of breaks
    32. Try to find pleasure outside your job
    33. Start your job hunt
    34. Resign with grace
    35. Always keep the doors open for possible return

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