Is it possible that you seriously annoy your coworkers?  If you are reading this, then you are already taking the first step towards becoming a more considerate coworker or employee. Read our list of irritating habits and easily identify if you are disrupting your workplace.

 It may seem silly to you, but you would be surprised to find out that these bad habits really do frustrate others. Many of these habits are unprofessional, and you might have lost the respect of your coworkers or boss. If you are trying to get along with your colleagues or want them to see the best in you, it doesn’t hurt to go out of your way to be extra considerate. Avoiding these negative habits will certainly help you maintain a more professional image. 


  1. Typing or texting while talking to someone else
  2. Taking frequent snack breaks
  3. Not showing appreciation when others help 
  4. Talking badly about their boss
  5. Using social media for personal use the majority of the workday
  6. Tapping feet or fingers repeatedly
  7. Laughing, talking or typing loudly
  8. Talking loudly during personal calls
  9. Bringing in strong-smelling food for lunch daily
  10. Taking frequent smoke breaks
  11. Breathing heavily 
  12. Over-sharing
  13. Not being able to take constructive feedback
  14. Bringing pets to work
  15. Excessively using profanity
  16. Not participating in team-building activities or reunions
  17. Coming to work sick
  18. Asking highly personal or offensive questions
  19. Having poor personal hygiene
  20. Interrupting all the time
  21. Gossiping frequently 
  22. Not knowing when to go away
  23. Stealing food from the office fridge
  24. Complaining
  25. Keeping dirty dishes at their desk
  26. Constantly correcting people
  27. Being the only one talking during team meetings
  28. Bringing in personal drama
  29. Wearing too much cologne
  30. Overusing industry jargon and acronyms
  31. Trimming nails at their desk
  32. Blaming others for their mistakes
  33. Whistling
  34. Thinking out loud
  35. Being critical without giving constructive feedback
  36. Not making eye contact during conversation
  37. Constantly talking about how stressed or overwhelmed they are
  38. Not responding to emails or phone calls
  39. Not asking others how they’re feeling or doing
  40. Making bold statements without fact-checking


 If any of these habits seem familiar to you, it’s not too late to make changes to your workplace behavior. It is important to maintain a professional relationship with coworkers and employers if you want them to take you seriously. If they find you to be annoying and see that you are not acting like a professional in the workplace, they won’t want to work with you in the future. 

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