Looking for job search advice? If you’re on the job hunt, you’re likely to accept all the advice you get. However, you should be cautious. Some of the tips just don’t hold up. Discover which common job search tips you have to ignore.


1. Apply to as many jobs as possible.

Instead, spend your time targeting appropriate positions.

2. You can lie on your resume to look better

You should never lie on your resume or in a job interview. Recruiters will notice it, and you’ll lose any chances of landing the job.

3. Always limit your resume to one page

As a rule, a career that is ten years or less can be represented on one page. However, if you have more experience, you may add one more page. 

4. Make your resume very detailed and very long

You resume should contain only relevant information written concisely.

5. Use lots of buzzwords in your resume

Recruiters and hiring managers are sick of reading any buzzwords, like “Hard worker,” “ambitious,” and other clichés. Instead, you should research important keywords in the job descriptions which you may include.

6. Don’t bring up gaps in your work history

You should proactively address gaps on your resume in a job interview.

7. You don’t have to practice for the interview

Leading up to an interview, you may feel excited, anxious, nervous, scared, or something else. That’s why it’s so important you prepare for job interviews. So, you may practice positive body language but also saying responses.

8. Just take a job for now, even if you do not want it

Sometimes, if you are desperate to land a job, you may follow this advice. However, if your situation allows it, wait for a job offer that will convince you.

9. Take the job that pays the most

Not everything is about money. If you think you won’t be happy in the company or the role with the highest salary, consider accepting another offer with higher potential satisfaction.

How to Land Your Next Job

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